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Dear Sir/Madam

The Maritime Security Forum (hereafter used by the acronym “MSF“) is a platform for the creation and dissemination of knowledge and information in the field of maritime security, carrying out scientific work and organising information and public debate events. The MSF is also a medium for dissemination and public communication in the fields of maritime policy, shipping, safety, maritime security and defence.
Through cooperation with professional-institutional, academic and scientific research environments, the MSF provides opportunities for networking and integration into national knowledge, dissemination and cooperation networks in the fields of naval policy, Blue Economy development, security and defence, safety, maritime resilience and shipping, with a view to developing synergistic programmes in the areas of interest.
The Forum provides expertise and conducts scientific research in the field of maritime security through conferences and symposia, scientific communication sessions, open briefings and webinars, as well as other types of activities with physical participation, but also in online or mixed formats.
We want this Forum to become a catalyst for visionary scientific solutions in the naval domain, identified locally, regionally and globally, to provide insights into the future and trends in the naval domain, in the national, regional and global context of military, governmental and civil naval affairs. The conclusions of the Forum will be presented to policy makers, business communities, academia and the general public.
Funds from sponsorships will be used for the organisation of conferences, the publication of brochures presenting the Forum, as well as scientific research papers to be published by the Publishing House of the “Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy.
For the knowledge of your society, the booklet will include a collection of articles, references on sponsorship, and sponsors will be mentioned during the activities (at the beginning and end), in order of contribution.
On the Forum’s website, on the sponsors’ page, the sponsors’ logos will be posted, which when accessed will open their website, promotional clips of the sponsors will be posted, which will also run before the start of the proceedings and during the breaks. The Forum website is public, giving sponsors the opportunity to be known and promoted when viewing it.
If you are willing to sponsor the Forum, please let us know your decision by filling in the form below.
Yours sincerely
President of the Maritime Security Forum
Admiral (rtr) Dr. Aurel POPA

For any questions related to the sponsorship of the Maritime Security Forum, please contact us:

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