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Article titlel

The title should be in capitals, Times New Roman, 14 point font, bold, centered.

Author/Authors of the article

The first name and surname of the author(s) should be written on the right, one line below the title, preceded by the academic degree and the scientific title (if applicable), written in Times New Roman, font 12. Surname should be written in capitals and bold. The name will be followed by index footnotes indicating the main institutional affiliation (for each author separately, if applicable) and e-mail address, written in Times New Roman, font 9, bold, italics.

Abstract term – written in English Times New Roman 10 font, italic, followed by Key words one line apart and Jel classification one line apart

Summary of the article

Summary will be 150-200 words and will be written in Romanian, Times New Roman, 12 point font, italic, justify, two lines away from the author’s name. The abstract will include: objectives of the study, research methods used, results and implications of the study.

body of the article

The text of the article should be written in Romanian. The text should be written in Times New Roman, font size 12, justify , the introduction should be spaced three lines away from the abstract. From the design choose normal style, numbering with Arabic numerals and setting paragraphs with (0) before and after. The paper may not exceed 15 standard pages. The paper will be structured in sections, each with a title. The introductory section will include the identification of the problem being researched, the novelty in relation to existing doctrinal approaches, the structure of the research, details of the research methods used and the proposed solutions. At the end of the paper, a conclusion section will be inserted with the research results and the ways of exploiting them.


Footnotes should be written in Times New Roman, font 9, justify and spaced one line apart. Footnotes should be numbered continuously for the whole paper and not by re-numbering each page. All works cited should be indicated in the footnotes only. In the case of works cited, give the full name of the author(s) of the bibliographic material cited, followed by the title of the material (book, article), publisher/magazine, city, year of publication/magazine number, page/page number. The names of publishers, as well as books and journals, should be written in full, not abbreviated. Titles of books and articles are given in italics in the language in which they were published. The names of journals should be enclosed in quotation marks. If articles, reports, official documents, which are available online are used, they should be cited according to the above rules, with the mention that “the document is available online at…”. and the date of last access. In the case of case law, the name of the document, the number and date of the decision/issue, the issuer (court), the place of publication (Official Gazette, judicial practice booklet, etc.) shall be mentioned.


The reference works used should be indicated in a short bibliography at the end of the article, in the language in which they were published, in Times New Roman 10 font, spaced one line apart.

Page layout

Pages will be A4, portrait, with margins: top/bottom/left/right 2 cm. Pages will be numbered with Arabic numerals continuously from first to last page.

Tables, figures and graphs will be numbered and will each have a representative title.

Tables should be single bordered, in Times New Roman font, size 10 pt, with the table number and title immediately above it, aligned on the right-hand.

Evaluation of papers submitted

Papers received will be subject to double blind peer review, following the standards of international conferences. Any paper submitted for presentation at the Conference will be evaluated by at least 2 scientific referees with a recognised national and international reputation in military, legal or naval sciences. The evaluation will be carried out on an anonymous basis (the name of the author is not communicated to the referees; the name of the referees is not communicated to the author). Authors will be informed of reviewers’ recommendations and comments to improve the quality of the article. At the proposal of the reviewers, the paper may be refused for presentation at the Conference.

Authors are solely responsible for the content of the articles

By submitting the paper, the author(s) guarantees that the manuscript contains his/her own original work. Authors also guarantee that ideas and passages in the manuscript that are not their own have been properly attributed, through appropriate bibliographic references and the use of quotation marks. The entire responsibility lies with the author(s) of the article in case of non-compliance with copyright/plagiarism legislation, and the Conference organisers cannot assume any liability for the authors’ failure to comply with the regulations enshrined in copyright legislation and to commit plagiarism. In case of discovery of non-compliance with copyright/plagiarism legislation, the manuscript will be rejected. The Conference organisers do not assume any responsibility for the views expressed by authors in the submitted papers. It is the authors’ responsibility to obtain reproduction and copyright permissions for texts that are quoted or reproduced in their papers.

Correspondence address

Materials should be sent in electronic format to:

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