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About us

The Maritime Security Forum (hereafter used with the acronym “MSF”) is the scientific initiative of the ADMIRALS CLUB and is a platform for creating and disseminating knowledge and information in maritime security, which carries out a scientific activity and organizes information and public debate events. The MSF is also an environment for public dissemination and communication in naval policy, shipping, safety, maritime security and defence. Through cooperation with the professional-institutional and the academic and scientific research environment, the MSF offers opportunities to connect and integrate into the national networks of knowledge, dissemination and collaboration in the fields of naval policies, the development of the Blue Economy, security and defence, safety, maritime resilience and naval transport, to develop synergistic programs in the areas of interest.


Aurel POPA

Admiral (ret.) PhD.


RAdm(LH) (ret.) Principal lect. PhD.


RAdm(LH) (ret.) PhD.
Deputy director


Marius Hanganu

RAdm(LH) (ret.) prof. univ. PhD.


Director COREMAR, President of the Romanian Naval League

Ion Plăviciosu

Vam. (ret.) PhD.

Ștefan Dănilă

Gl. (ret.) PhD.


MS Daily Brief

The Maritime Security Forum is pleased to provide you with a product, in the form of a daily newsletter, through which we present the most relevant events and information on naval issues, especially those related to maritime security and other related areas. It aims to present a clear and concise assessment of the most recent and relevant news in this area, with references to sources of information. MS Daily Brief will be published from Monday to Friday. Saturday will be published Weekly Brief


The main events held under the auspices of the “Maritime Security Forum”.


Romania’s maritime resilience in the age of hybrid threats and the importance of a Maritime Security Strategy

There have been enough times in history when the future of our country, both in terms of opportunities and challenges, seemed to be increasingly linked to the Black Sea maritime space. However, nowadays, more than ever, we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of this maritime space for the future of our country and of each one of us. Unfortunately, however, the Black Sea is no longer just the supplier of immense resources which, if exploited rationally, could provide the basis for human existence, nor is it the area of understanding and cooperation between the nations bordering it that it was decades ago.

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